Taxi Driver

I just got finished watching this…classic? I think it’s a classic, I mean everyone mentions it and it’s reputably a….classic. Man oh man-great movie, soundtrack, actors, everything you know. But what was all about? Was I suppose to feel content watching it? Why was the mohawk thing kinda sudden? Manifest content, latent content; can’t they just give us the meaning? Haha just kidding. Lots of red in this movie. Um, sex/passion obvious in some scenes like Iris’s room. In other scenes less so, like Travis’s talk with the Wizard outside that eating place. He confessed to having “bad ideas” maybe eveeel. Connection between Betsy and Iris, look very similar. I didn’t recognize Jodie Foster as a kid until that lunch scene when she’s wearing those fantastic green sunglasses. So what is this, the Electra Complex from the father’s perspective? Women he wants to fuck is not into it, but the girl he wants to protect, like in a dad sort of way, is a prostitute. Irony? Mhmm, so he’s also kind of a hypocrite. In his journals he criticises the moral degradation of the city and then trashes it with dead bodies in a pseudo-heroic attempt to “save” Iris-maybe as a way to rectify his earlier screw-up with Betsy? The whole vigilante aspect of his character was really funny, “you talkin’ to me?”. Bernard Hermann’s score=perfection. Weird contrast between moral content of scenes and romantic/comforting atmosphere of music like the pedophiliac scene between Matthew and Iris. Was that supposed to be sweet, like “Sport”’s words, or disturbing? Movie blurs the line between the two-never has a clear position on the moral questions it proposes. Apparently Scorcese had a part in it? Can’t remember–oh yes! He was the messed up rich husband who was planning to kill his wife. Thanks google. Couldn’t recognize him young either-without glasses and white hair. Man, what else? I’m sure I missed a lot, just kinda watched it passively, didn’t engage in critical thinking while watching. Just enjoyed events and images as it flowed pass. I know-waste of time….well whatever, I’m lazy enough regularly to justify watching movies and writing about it to be some form of productivity. Palantine-attempt at assassination meansss….? Maybe it’s frustration over Betsy’s rejection? After he “saves” Iris, his drive with Betsy seems to end with him being “ok”? Haha I’m not making sense, but what I mean is that he seems content, like “I’m over you” but w/o the bitterness and sass.  So okay, that’s my little spiel-don’t take it seriously

Yeah I don’t really understand it at all. Nice movie.


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