There’s no way it’s actually August 15th. Less than 10 days now! I am so scared and happy. The last few weeks have been a lot of undisciplined cowardice to say the least. I’ve been physical at least in the last couple days. Matt and I hiked this trail called Sleeping Giant (apparently that’s what it looks like from above) and there was this huge 4 story old castle-tower thing at the top. Kinda crazy. We took a weird route and ended off trail. It was a lot harder but way worth it b/c in the valley with all the trees it felt like you were in a fantasy land. There were rock outcroppings and small streams and lots of fallen moss-covered trees. Short bushes sprouted in almost decorative swaths underneath all the greenery and the shade brought such startling coolness it felt like an airy baptism. I swear Robin Hood or Tinker Bell could’ve been behind anyone of the hollow trunks or fallen logs. This was all really appropriate because right now I’m reading a fantasy book about a primeval forest that holds all the legends and mythical characters from our ancient stories and myths, shaped by our collective unconscious. “Mythago Wood” it’s called, and if you wanna try a mysterious, slightly creepy, but completely captivating fantasy novel anytime soon-check it out. I’m sure Half Price Books has it for cheap, the book was published in 2003.

Anyways- During the climb I was reminded once again of what it means to sweat. Like seriously sweat, the sweat that makes you feel like you’re a freaking faucet or a disgustingly damp towel being wrung out. HAHA. But the views were pretty decent, and the rock climbing reminded me of that huge rock in Atlanta, GA.. Near the top of the blue trail, apparently the hardest one, there was a hollow tree branch that Matt found. It had a bunch of other hiker notes in it, some from pretty recently, July 22nd, July 21st, etc. Some notes were written on receipts and some were larger pieces of paper that seemed to have served as correspondence for a group of hikers. One note said something like “Persian Prince and Princess whatever had sex up here with the view LOL.” Yup, they added LOL. I added a note and Matt added one before we went on. I wrote “Fat man and dog climbed up here before jumping” or something surreal and illogical like that. When we finally reached the top the sun was setting and Matt wanted a time-lapse, so we went up 4 stories of ramps in this supposedly centuries old castle-tower. At the top Matt almost immediately went up to the ledge where he took his gf’s thousand dollar camera and tried to find a good spot to film. During this he remarked on how Christian (gf) would have really balked at his actions, but Matt is quite familiar with precipices and danger so I didn’t question him. It took a bit more till I got up there but eventually we were both standing on top of the castle leaning against one of its four turrets-gazing at the horizon. Thunderclouds loomed in the distance and every so often lighting flashed across their nebulous masses. It reminded me of when I would go stand outside and just stare at the thunderclouds so close above-waiting for the instant when lightning would light up the sky with their sprawling roots so quickly grown and vanished. That was electrifying. ba-dum-tsss…Anyways, so there we were, standing on top of this super old tall stone castle on top of a sleeping giant staring at thunderclouds and the fading light with the city lights to the back and west of our gaze..

And once again on this trip I wondered what I was doing in my life..