deleuze, oxman..

“This manipulation of our proximal relationship to things also brings us back to the question of the virtual – that is, a body’s indeterminate potentialities that according to Deleuze accompany all of its manifest actualizations.” – Bodies of Water by Astrida Neimanis pg. 53

“Still, “the body conceived of as a machinic assemblage becomes a body that
is multiple,” meaning that as it “contains multitudes” (to harken back to where
we began with Walt Whitman and E. Jane) a body that is gooey, blurry, full of
seams, or simply glitched is one that both absorbs and refracts, becoming everybody and no-body simultaneously.” Glitch Feminism, Glitch Remixes – also citing Deleuze..

Neri Oxman .. growth over assembly.. idk. On a walk with a new friend yesterday, they mentioned scobies? the kombucha thingy. you can take it out of water, and it changes into a paper sort of. their friend used it in clothing. “by varying material property” – Oxman. parallel growth humans from water, of water. primordial soup

recently in Metabolic Studio’s Discord “artists must create on the same scale society has the capacity to destroy”

Oxman’s reimagination of Manhattan, Neimanis’ “human bodies require a sensibility of water at a more-than-human scale.”

“we most comfortably perceive the ‘size’ of water in relation to our humanist body’s relation to it: it is something we drink, in which we bathe, or expel from our systems in relatively predictable (and graspable) quantities. We might, with a little more attention, experience the spatial scale of water at the visceral level, as that which irrigates our own bodily systems and carries away our waste. But what more might we learn about our bodies of water if we could stretch or shrink this proximal relationship?” BOW pg. 52


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