almost a year later, still thinking of scarcity. getting ready to go to chaos computer, my friend mentioned AI’s potential to bring upon a post-scarce world.

in the year since, i’ve read glitch feminism by legacy Russell, Against Innocence by Jackie Wang_ listened to Disorderland, the podcast, by IG user @queervengeance.

Saidya Hartman is featured in both texts. I looked her up and remembered an ex had said she was their favorite author.

I started an

boundaries of the every day, a folder on my desktop/desktop from which I’m typing now.

a right to illegibility, a practice of incomprehensibility. I thought of a workshop participant for tngc feminist imaginings, maybe the journalist Sam Anderson’s piece on distraction too

Chaos Computer was nice, almost Groove (2000)= the image I’ve been chasing. A chill out room where I picked up Against Innocence at the end of the night. I googled the other day “how to show gratitude to your friends”

I need help in refocusing my attention.

I felt a mix of depression and anxiety today while in bed after a nap. Anxious about getting out of bed. Depressed because I was just scrolling on my phone, getting more and more sucked in. I had a resume review and edit today with my career mentor. Today was also my team’s monthly meeting where our boss updates us on everything going on. I don’t think I’m super stressed, but I can stress myself out if I get hyperfixated on something. Last week I forgot I had left a Febreze fabric spray on the roof and spent a good minute getting disproportionately stressed over its whereabouts. Tomorrow I have no meetings, so I’m hoping I can take it slow and work on my resume and a TikTok content strategy proposal for work. I want to be fair with myself and prioritize these…

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