Breaking the Streak

In the last 18 hours I’ve let my regularly streamed streak of daily content subside. For some unintended reason (an accident) I had three blog posts go out all at once instead of over the course of the next three days. I’m now at the point where WordPress announces a new milestone each day, notifying that I’ve reached a certain amount of days posting daily on this platform.

In 2016, right before I headed off to college, I wrote about my experience talking to my sister about my future goals. I remember sitting on her low-to-the-ground bed in Texas, green and excited about the prospect of improving my writing by blogging daily. I was 18 then, but already felt old enough to have lived and died numerous times. I guess that was my penchant for fantasy. In another sense, it was the really real effect of my love of reading. Reading | writing. I’ve written much about both since I was 18, and I still love the subject. Going through my application materials for my very first writing internship right out of high school, I rediscovered a piece that I’d love to share… someday. It’s a terribly overwrought piece (every other word seems like it was found on a Thesaurus’ cutting room floor) on reading as creation, as a sort of magical acumen, pulled through a panoply of imagery that I’m feeling came from the Disney Channel movie Twitches, Edgar Allen Poe and some goth form of Wizard 101.

For now, in a rush of content creation for the next three days until my reviews of the graphic novel Watchmen and some films roll out, I’m writing on three topics that have been relevant to what’s been happening in my mind/life.

  • My first college course/last college course
  • My first psychedelic experience
  • Little Saigon in Houston

Hope to see you then.


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