societial netwinteraction

There’s a dent in my mind, the quiet place that heeds slumbering masters of the disease of the of d meaningful dentention centers of America. In front of almighty figure-like sums in gestural in larking seed parts loom it. I indented on all walls from door to door coast to coast across the nation in a single stride. #atronald

we seek no empowering forces to strengthen anything-of the pot on trial. Stand and shake hands the corporal said to us lazy marks. Don’t let the paint dry because it can and will leak in abundance leaving streaks of maneuver-ments in our crouch-areas. Don’t being the commentary. Large baby suits in plastic neon wraps inverted on the table/the sky losing medication slipping altogether, seeing bright lights lance in slowmotion through flaming hoops of divinity enshrined – can’t make a lazy doll biehtout the necessary ingredients Ifeel the slight disturbance and it’s only outside towards the working nation


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