Other instances of liminality

I couldn’t get this idea out of my head, so I’m here pouring my thoughts on this glacial surface of all mediums-writing. These ideas. My dream, just the one, because sometimes one is all you need for a good few hundred words. Remember. It was a TV show, sci-fi dystopia. I’m lost on the words before it came a thing structured in the slippery dreamworld. But I do remember a circular room underground, or at least down a flight of stairs. Filled with, I say 10, but probably more, people in a circle. Manufactured or robotic in some way, except two who had been mistaken for other people (?) she and he.

I can’t resist checking back on the list of letters and spacings either, slows it down a bit. Wordings-here I feel in their ephemeral nature they’re very much like patterns of leaves falling off of fall trees. I’ll try to direct them when and where they go, but it’s too easily forgotten. 

She and he fighting on the steps of an imperial stepcase, orchestra the size of an army to their left, a camera wide shot that spans upwards from their weapon-ed figures. Maybe these are their counterparts. Anyways. 

In the room I’m living in there’s all black and all white, and the other day were collected writings focused on the idea of liminality. Cheesy first suggestion: write it in half-light, somewhere where I can do that (old-fashioned library, someplace with the adjustable light switch….so most likely the lounge at 4am. :/ was expecting to be Morgan Freeman in Se7en)

I can’t help looking at all the leaves piled up either and can’t help feeling accomplished, like that’s enough, no more needed. But there were sparks in my brain earlier about the instances of liminality. Oh: of course, the  state of mind in between asleep and awake. And awake and asleep-hypnagogia. The instance in a remembrance before the remembrance is identified, so they’re just unnamed aspects floating (why do they float?). Why do names anchor + and their purpose (they are here to bring light, oh and so you can past tests).


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