10 Day Journaling Challenge: Day 9

Inspired by an accidental subscription to a Skillshare class taught by Emily Gould. Read her old blog here.

I’m thankful for the end of Stranger Things. I’m thankful for the emotions it brought up. I’m thankful to Mike and Eleven. I’m thankful to this and that, here now and then gone when. I’m thankful to chicken breasts again. I’m thankful, but just a little less than before, to the dollar and something Prego “roasted parmesan alfredo” sauce that honestly came out way too liquidy. I’m thankful to the process of cellular degeneration, and I’m honestly a bit grossed out by it. I’m thankful to smooth skin, smooth desk chairs and smooth keys. I’m thankful for opportunities I’ve yet to apply to. I’m thankful to the opportunities that I have applied to and maybe didn’t get but were fun to go for at the time. I’m thankful for my heavy hands and busy mind, the way I can get preoccupied. I’m thankful preoccupation hasn’t been occupied..yet. By a job. Or something to do with money, the darnedest thing. 

Today I noticed the wifi is still out, same as yesterday and perhaps earlier this week. Today I noticed it’s Friday! and I haven’t had a very productive M-F. Today I noticed sighing really deeply after that last sentence, I also noticed sounds outside the door. Today I noticed I’m broke, which I tend to notice a lot. Today I noticed a lot, but I don’t have much need to write it all down.

Each day I’ll upload a post from the challenge involving the prompt “I’m thankful” or “I’m grateful” and “Today I noticed.” If you take up the challenge yourself, please share them with me! I would love to read and write together.


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