10 Day Journaling Challenge: Day 7

Inspired by an accidental subscription to a Skillshare class taught by Emily Gould. Read her old blog here.

I’m thankful to the sheets on my bed. I’m thankful for the challenge of being. I’m thankful for thanking and thankful for myself. I’m thankful for moving on. I’m thankful for clunky syntax and imperfect diction, I’m thankful for uncertain grammar and cracked punctuation. I’m thankful for art and I’m thankful I can see. I’m thankful it hurts to breathe from my body. I’m thankful from my skin, lost in its boundaries I’m thankful to the men on hills and the men in the valleys. “I’m thankful,” I said. I’m thankful I said.

Today I noticed pretty. Today I noticed stuck. Today I noticed cons and pros and lists on lists and the Whitney’s way of towering. Today I noticed anagrams in the canopies of trees, and I spelled it wrong. Today I noticed leaving and today I – screamed. 

Each day I’ll upload a post from the challenge involving the prompt “I’m thankful” or “I’m grateful” and “Today I noticed.” If you take up the challenge yourself, please share them with me! I would love to read and write together.


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